How to Manage Your Interview

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on the menu:

Main Menu image

Step 3:

Click on Interviews then View all interviews

Main Menu - View All Interviews

Step 4:

From this page a list of interviews is displayed. Place a checkmark in the box to the left of the interview you would like to edit. You can Close an interview so candidates can no longer apply, Archive to move the interview into archive storage, Copy and interview to save time or Delete it permanently to remove the interview from your account.

close-delete-archive buttons

Step 5:

Click on the interview title highlighted in red in the image below to manage the interview itself. After clicking the interview title you are brought to the dashboard for the interview you selected.

Main page interview list

On the dashboard click Modify then Edit Interview to make changes to the interview details. For more information on the interview details see “How To - Create an Interview"

Dashboard menu bar - EDIT

Step 6:

Click the activity log to see interview scheduling activity.

Dashboard menu bar - Activity log

Step 7:

Review old sent invitations displays a list of the candidates you have sent an invitation email to.

Dashboard view sent invitations link

Step 8:

The bottom half of the page displays candidates who have scheduled an interview. You can remove candidates who have been scheduled by clicking the red X, You can send a message by clicking on the word bubble icon. Click the plus icon on the left of the screen to see additional details about the candidate.

Dashboard candidate list

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