Interview Invitation for the 21st Century

Interviewer Assistant believes that it’s important for recruiters to have the option to choose not only how to invite candidates, but what is in the invitation. The telephone, however, is one method Interviewer Assistant does not encourage. The days of voice mail business interaction are quickly passing. In today's world most people have constant and instant access to their email via mobile devices. To engage candidates in this century, you have to be thinking mobile and digital, and that is exactly how Interviewer Assistant operates.

The two methods you will have are:

  • A hyperlink you can copy and paste into your custom email invite - quickly and easily allows you to send the invite using your own formatted template.
no more phoning when booking interviews
  • A pre-formatted Interviewer Assistant email invite template - fully editable and automatically updated with the relevant information for your interview

Either option ensures that your candidates information is not shared inappropriately, and that they receive everything they need to prepare for their interview.

At the end of your “create new interview” process, you will automatically be take to the "Dashboard for Competition". Here you will have the option to either send out invites or to copy the automatically generated hyperlink to the interview calendar you just created to your own email. Candidates who receive this link will be able to access the calendar and select an interview time.

Copy and Paste Hyperlink

An easy and effective way for recruiters to use this hyperlink is to embed it in an email created by the recruiter who will then bcc all candidates at once (for confidentially purposes). The benefit of having the email come from you directly is that you can customize that email template for your unique recruitment needs and save it for future use.

Using hyperlinks when creating interview schedule templates

Some of the typical things you would want to include in the invitation template are:

  • Company logos – to maintain the look and feel of your company branding
  • Directions/instructions – information about parking availability, access to public transit, etc.
  • Additional job related information – attachments or hyperlinks of job profiles, relevant organizational background, etc.
  • Interview Specific Information – names and titles of panel members, additional information to bring for day of interview (references, portfolios etc.,)
  • Any other miscellaneous information your candidates need

The key is to ensure you include everything that candidates might otherwise request (to cut down on needless phone calls and emails) and that they now have that information saved in their email for future reference. This is a win-win for everyone.

Pre-formatted invite template

What if you are trying to manage large recruitment volumes and don’t have the time to custom build template? In this case, you may want to use the pre-formatted invite that Interviewer Assistant builds for you. By clicking on the “Invite” button on the Dashboard, you will be taken to a pre-formatted version of your email invite and will be given the option to enter candidate names and email addresses. Once you have populated your candidate information and have edited the template as needed, you can send all candidates the invite with the click of one button.

It’s unlikely you will need to edit the template as it automatically populates the following data from your interview:

A customizable interview invitation email template
  • Title of position
  • Name of your organization
  • Link to interview calendar (including job description if you provided one during the interview creation process)
  • Location of interview (includes Google map)
  • Report to requirement

If you do decide to make deletions or insertions, this can be done right inside the invite text box.

Regardless of how you choose to send out your Interviewer Assistant invites, you can be certain that your candidates will appreciate receiving all the information they need immediately via their mobile devices. This will save you time and money, and make their first interaction with your organization much easier and more enjoyable.