How to - View email status and history

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on the menu:

Main Menu

Step 3:

Click on Interviews then View all interviews

Main Menu - view all interviews

Step 4:

From this page a list of interviews is displayed. Click on the interview title you want to invite candidates to. This will bring you to the dashboard for the interview.

Step 5:

Click on the Activity Log drop down and select "Email Summary".

Dashboard activity log

Step 6:

The email summary screen allows recruiters detailed access to information about the emails sent from their account. The recruiter will see 5 columns Name, Email Type, Status, View and Re-Send. There is also a Plus button Plus Button email summary on the left that will allow more details regarding when the email was created and sent. Lets take a look at what each piece of information tells us.

  • Name: The name of the candidate as entered by the recruiter
  • Email Type: This indicates the type of email you are investigating, some examples are Invitation Email, Confirmation Email, Personal Message, Reminder Email. In this case it will show as an Invitation Email
  • Status: This is where the recruiter will be able to see if the email was actually sent. When the email is pending its in the queue waiting to be sent. The status will change to Email Sent once the email has gone through. If the email was not successfully sent you will see a status reflecting the error encountered.
  • View: This will allow the recruiter to view an exact copy of the email sent to the candidate(s). The email will be displayed in a new web browser tab
  • Re-send: In the event where a candidate did not receive an invite the recruiter simply needs to click the paper airpane icon to send another email to the user. We have made this step quick and easy to help save time and reduce the amount of duplicate work done by the recruiter by not having to retype the candidates information again.
  • Step 3 email invitation

    Additional Details

    The details listed below the email entry provide some more insight by providing the exact email address the message was sent to, a detailed description of the email status and creation and sent time for the email message

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