How to - Synchronize Interviews with Outlook

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on the settings menu near the top left (The small gear icon where your company name is written) then click on Interviewers


Step 3:

To edit an interviewer’s availability click on the Settings icon besides their name.

Edit Interviewer Page

Step 4:

Click on the Outlook Settings button to bring up the configuration settings

Outlook Settings 2

Step 5:

You will need to enter some technical information regarding the exchange server in your companies environment. If you are not sure what to enter here please contact your IT department. We have provided a brief summary below of each field: 1 - Would you like to enable the outlook synchonization with the below settings? = This settings toggles the outlook synchronization feature On or Off 2 - Outlook Server Address (IP or URL) = This is the public IP address or URL of the Microsoft Exchange Server for Outlook 3 - Outlook Domain = This would be the Domain you sign into when logging into your Outlook account in the office. The following is an example Domain\User or "Corp\Peter" 4 - User Name and Password = The user name and password of your email account

Outlook Sync Properties

Step 6:

Press "Submit and Test" this will test the configuration settings you have entered. If the test is successful you should see a test calendar entry in your outlook account. Your Interview schedule will now be published to your Outlook account. Its important to note that this is a one way synchronization system, so any changes made in Outlook will not reflect on Interview Assistant's calendar.

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