How to Assign access rights for a license

Step 1:

Login to administrative account

The administrative account is the original user who created the account with interviewer assistant. Additional users can be added later as licensed accounts who cannot make these changes

Step 2:

Click on the settings menu near the top left (The small gear icon where your company name is written) then click on Licenses:


Step 3:

Under the column labled Access you can choose between 2 levels of access for each licensed user, User and Super User. Click on the + symbol beside the word User to promote that user to a Super User. You can demote a Super User to a User by pressing the - Symbol beside the word Super User as well.

License User Access Level

Note about user rights:

The access rights to any licensed user can be set at one of 2 levels, a User or Super User. A User is the default access setting and provides the required access to create interviews. A Super User has elevated privileges and can do almost everything as the administrator with the exception of purchasing more licenses and changing the company look and feel of the site.

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