How to Display local interview location time

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Create a new interview:

Step 3:

The time zone option allows you to display the recruiters time zone and candidate time zone when the candidate is selecting a timeslot. This is especially important when the candidate is not in the same time zone as the candidate. The recruiter also has the option to override the local time zone where the interview is to take place. This provides the flexibility to schedule an interview in a location that differs from the recruiters local time zone.

create interview - time zone settings

What the candidate will see

When the candidate logs into the invitation the available times will indicate the local time where the interview will take place as well as the candidates local time. Its important to note that if the candidate has the wrong time zone set on their PC the reported time on the web site will be incorrect.

create interview - time zone settings


Once the time slot is selected the confirmation page will display the interview location's local time zone and the candidate local time zone.

create interview - time zone settings

Special Note:

This is beneficial specifically for candidates who happen to live in a different time zone than where the interview is taking place. Business’s that operate close to the boarder of a timezone will benefit the most from this feature.

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