How to modify the Look And Feel of your site

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on the settings menu near the top left (The small gear icon where your company name is written) then click on Look & Feel:

Account Payment

Step 3:

From this page you have 3 steps to complete.

  1. Choose a background colour that will best represent your company by clicking on the colour code text box, choose from a selection of default colours or specify an exact colour by typing the colour code in the text field.

    Look and feel of your page - choose colour

  2. Have a company logo? Add it to your Interview Assistant account. Click the green add files button and select the image you would like to add from your PC.

    Look and feel of your page - choose logo

  3. The last step is to press submit if you like the changes and want to apply them to your account.

    Look and feel of your page - preview
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