How to Manage Your Interview

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

From the Main Menu clink on All My Interviews

All My Interviews

Step 3:

From this page a list of interviews is displayed. Locate the title of the interview you would like to edit. From this view you can Close an interview so candidates can no longer apply or Archive the interview to move the interview into archive storage. Under the modify column click on the purple file bin icon to archive or the yellow lock icon to close the interview

close-archive buttons

Step 4:

Click on the interview title to manage the interview itself. After clicking the interview title you are brought to the dashboard for the interview you selected.

Step 5:

The interview is broken up into 4 main sections. The first section on the left contains web links that can be sent to a candidate, one for English and French. The middle section shows candidates who have withdrawn or just not selected a time yet. The section on the right shows messages sent from the candidates for this interview. The bottom section shows candidates who have booked an interview and the time slots they selected. You can export the list of booked candidates as a CSV or PDF file as well as print them. Candidates can be messaged from this view or removed from the interview by pressing the button under the Message | Delete column. Pressing the green plus symbol will expand the candidate to reveal any additional details provided such as a phone number, address or Email. Statistics are displayed on the right showing how many times the interview was visited and how many emails were sent to candidates.


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