How To - Manage your licenses

Step 1:

Login to administrative account

The administrative account is the original user who created the account with interviewer assistant. Additional users can be added later as licensed accounts who cannot make these changes

Step 2:

Click on the settings menu near the top left (The small gear icon where your company name is written) then click on Licenses:


Step 3:

The license information section will display all the users on your account. You can change access level and delete users from this screen. You also have a view of how many licenses you have purchased on your account and how many are in use. Its important to note that the administrator counts as 1 license but because they are the administrator it will not show up on the licensed users list.

License Information

Note: When licenses are available a button to add an Interviewer will appear, when all licenses have been assigned this button will no longer be visible.

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