How to Manage Your Interviewers

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on the settings menu near the top left (The small gear icon where your company name is written) then click on Interviewers


Step 3:

From this page all options are laid out in an easy to use interface. The top section displays a list of active interviewers. In this list you have the ability to do the following:

  1. To add an interviewer click on the add user button and input their full name and email address.
  2. To edit an interviewer’s availability click on the Settings icon besides their name, see step 5

If there is someone you would like to delete or if you would like to assign one of the interviewers to another user just delete a user and add another

Edit Interviewer Page

Step 4:

Interviewer availability can be managed using 2 methods, the Interviewer Assistant built in calendar or Google Calendar. Lets start by taking a look at the built in calendar and the features it offers.

  1. We start by selecting Interviewer Assistant as the Availability Source
  2. Then press the Availability button, this will open the Interviewer Assistant calendar
  3. Optionally you can choose to have Interviewer Assistant push confirmed interviews to your outlook email account. Please check the how-to on synchronizing outlook with Interviewer Assistant for more info.

The built in Interviewer assistant calendar allows time slots to manually entered by clicking and dragging the mouse over the desired time. Clicking the trash bin will remove the time slot. Time slots can also be expanded by clicking on the lower edge of the timeslot and dragging it down or up. They can also be moved around by clicking, dragging and dropping the time slot to another spot on the calendar.

Interviewer - Edit Availability

Now lets have a look at the Google Calendar settings and how to configure it.

  1. Lets start by selecting Google Calendar as the Availability Source
  2. Then press the Email button, this will send an authentication email to the gmail account that was entered when adding the Interviewer. The Interviewer will receive an email from Interviewer Assistant, they will need to follow googles authorization process to allow Interviewer Assistant access to the Google Calendar. This authorization is done on Googles side and is required by their service. Goto Step 6 to see the process of allowing access once the email is received.
  3. Lastly we need to tell Interviewer Assistant what restrictions to place on when the Interviewer is available. In the example below we see that Interviewer Assistant will only allow interviews to be scheduled in the Google Calendar Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Its important to note that Interview Assistant will schedule an interview for any time with in the values provided as long as the calendar is open for the requested time. This means that the interviewer should schedule time in the Google calendar for breaks and lunches to make sure interviews aren't scheduled during times that the recruiter is unavailable.
  4. Open the email and click on the "Google Authorization" link to proceed.

    Google Calendar Authenticate Email

    Step 5:

    A new web page will open, click on the link "Authorize with Google Calendar" to continue.

    Google Calendar Authorize

    Step 6:

    Enter the google email account that you would like to synchronize with Interviewer Assistant and click next, you will then be prompted for the google account password, type that in the space provided and press next.

    Google Calendar Enter Email

    Step 7:

    Click allow

    Google Calendar Allow

    Step 8:

    If the setup was successful you will see the "Congratulations" message

    Google Calendar Congratulations

Interviewer - Google Calendar

  • Note: Each interviewer added to your account will require a licenses. If you wish to have more interviewers you must add licenses to your account.
  • Note: All users assigned a license as well as the administrator have access to the interviewers, your changes will affect your entire account.
  • Note: Most of the interviews are scheduled through the calendar option. This option is typically chosen if there are multiple interviewers that will be available to interview for the same position.
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