How to Authorize Google Calendar

Step 1:

Once authorization has been requested an email will be sent to the users email account. Lets have a look at what this email will look like and how to allow access to your calendar.

Step 2:

Open the email and click on the "Google Authorization" link to proceed.

Google Calendar Authenticate Email

Step 3:

A new web page will open, click on the link "Authorize with Google Calendar" to continue.

Google Calendar Authorize

Step 4:

Enter the google email account that you would like to synchronize with Interviewer Assistant and click next, you will then be prompted for the google account password, type that in the space provided and press next.

Google Calendar Enter Email

Step 5:

Click allow

Google Calendar Allow

Step 6:

If the setup was successful you will see the "Congratulations" message

Google Calendar Congratulations

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