How To - Create a Skype Interview

Step 1:

Login to your account.

Step 2:

Click on New Interview from the left menu:

Main Menu New Interview

Step 3:

For this example we are going to set availability for this interview using the Interviewer Assistant calendar, because we are going to have the interview over Skype for this example we will choose that button under the "Set Availability For This Interview" section.

Choose Interview Type

Step 4:

General Information for the interview will be specified on this page. Enter a title for the interview then specify the last day you would like candidates to be able to schedule or modify their interview time. If a candidate tries to make a change or setup a time for their interview after this date Interviewer Assistant will prevent them from doing so and provide a message to the candidate. You may also wish to interview more then 1 candidate at a time, Interviewer Assistant provides this flexibility, just specify the maximum number of candidates you wish to book per interview on this page. You can also request the candidate provide a Skype or Conference ID when booking an interview if required. There is also the option to specify the address the interview will take place and who the candidate should report to when they arrive. To minimize data entry from the recruiter Interviewer Assistant will save the locations and report to fields in history once the interview has been created. This means that if the same address or report to person is to be selected in the future the recruiter can simply select it from the list by clicking the down arrow to the far right. A job description can also be entered in the open text field at the bottom of this page. Once finished click the next button at the top right of the page.

Interview - create interview step 1

Step 5:

Options for the interview can be specified here. These options will generate notifications to the recruiter for each situation specified on this page. Generally the time zone adjustment does not need to be changed however we included this option for situations where the interview will take place in a different time zone then that of the recruiter. Click the next button at the top right of the page to proceed.

Interview - create interview step 2

Step 6:

Interview availability is where the recruiter will manually enter the available times a candidate can choose. The calendar allows you to point-click-drag to indicate what interview dates and times will be available for candidates to select. Hovering the mouse over the top right of a created timeslot will display a trash can, click the trashcan to delete the time entry. You can also move the timeslots by clicking and dragging or resize the time slot by clicking the bottom edge of the timeslot and dragging it up or down. Once all time slots are created click complete at the top right of the page to finish the creation process.

Interview - create interview step 3

Step 7:

Once completed a page with quick links provides easy access to some useful areas of the site. You can choose to Invite Candidates, Customize your confirmation message or got the Dashboard for the competition you just created. Clicking the close button will also bring you to the dashboard for competition you just created.

Interview - create interview step 3

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