What's New!

Listed below are the most recent changes to Interviewer Assistant:

New Email Templates
Implemented November 10

You can now select from 3 standard mail templates (that will apply to all your correspondence in the near future - invitations, confirmations, etc.). Currently this template selection will only apply to direct messages with individual candidates and reminders. To choose a standard template for your organization, go to:

  Settings> Company Profile> Global Settings> Email Template

Simply switch “On” the template you prefer.

Automated Interview Reminders
Implemented August 25

The Candidate Interview Reminder setting can be accessed at:

Settings>Settings>Company Profile>Global Settings>Candidate Interview Reminder

Using this setting, Super User’s can schedule automatic reminders to candidates to take place at a determined number of hours prior to their interview. This setting will apply to all interviews schedule within the account.

Global Account Settings
Implemented August 26

All company accounts now have a Global Settings page that you can access with the following navigation:

Settings>Company Profile>Global Settings

Settings on this page apply to all interviews created within an account. The settings currently located here are the Scheduling Offset and the Automatic Interview Reminder. Only account Super User’s can adjust these settings.

Admin Access Level – Super User
Implemented August 5

To adjust a license holder to Super User status, click on:
Settings>Company Profile>Licenses
Next to that user’s name in the “Access Level” column, click on the plus sign that is labeled “Use” to give them Super User status.
Super User status will allow users to access the Company Profile options with the exception of the account “Look and Feel” and the ability to add more licensed users.