How To - Customize your interview confirmation emails

Step 1:

Login to your account

Step 2:

From the main menu you will see a list of interviews for your account. Click on the interview in which you would like to customize the interview confirmation email.

Step 3:

From the menu buttons click on edit confirmation email

dashboard menu edit confirmation email

Step 4:

The first step on this screen "Activate and update your custom confirmation email" deals with adding the information you wish to the confirmation email. First make sure the custom email is activated by turning the switch on. Next make your additions in the text box below. Make sure to click save to apply the changes otherwise they will not get applied.

Edit Confirmation email textbox

Step 5:

In the second step you can review the way the interview confirmation email will appear to the candidate, click send email to generate an email to the recruiter so you can see how the changes will look in a live environment before sending to a candidate.

Edit Confirmation email review

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