How Do I Create an Interview?

Creating an interview is a simple and easy process. Having said this, you should take a moment to familiar yourself with the details of the process. This is important because some of the information you are being asked for will populate notices that your applicants will receive.

Step 1

Interview Title: This is a mandatory field and will populate the notices received by applicants. You want to ensure that the title you put here matches the job the applicant initially applied for.

Current/New Recruiters: This info is optional and will not be automatically sent to your applicants. The benefit to adding this information here is it will allow you to record who your contact is for these interviews and help you to ensure you don’t double book them. If you are adding a recruiter for the first time, their name will be saved in the drop down option after you finalize the interviews you are currently creating.

Current/New Interview Location: Although this information is optional, it will display for applicants. This is the physical location where they are going to go for their interview. This may be an address or it may be instructions. Keep in mind you can add new values to the drop down list by typing them in and completing your interview creation. Don’t forget to add the relevant floor number if applicable.

Current/New Report To: This info is optional but is very relevant to your applicants. This is where you would enter the information explaining to whom they should report when they arrive at the interview location at the time of their interview. Just as with Recruiters, you can add new options here that will then be added to the drop down next time you create interviews.

Job Description: This section allows you to include relevant documents for the applicants who will be interviewing. This could be a job description or job advertisement that helps the applicant prepare for the interview. You can simply copy and paste the text into the box provided.

Step 2

Interview End Date: This will be the last day that applicants will be able to select an interview time. In most cases, you would set this to the day of the interviews. It is mandatory to provide an Interview End Date.

Notification Options: These options areself-explanatory and are all optional.

Step 3

Interview Dates and Times: The last step in the process of creating an interview is to find the day(s) you would like to schedule your interviews on and to click and drag your mouse pointer over that time period. When you release your mouse pointer, you will have blocked off that time for an interview. Simply repeat this process on all the days and time you want to reserve as interview options for candidates. Once you hit the “Submit” bottom of the page, you will have successfully created your interview and will be provided with a hyperlink that you can provide candidates with.