Why is "Look and Feel" of your company page important when scheduling interviews?

The short answer is:  So you can do less recruiting!

Organizations build their employment brand in a variety of ways and at considerable expense (time and money).  Think about the ways your organization stands out from others and how you communicate this:

  • direct advertising dollars and effort
  • interaction with customers, suppliers, employees and the public
  • internal and external marketing tools, such as company websites

Having an identifiable and effective employer brand allows you to communicate your vision and values to prospective employees.  By attracting and hiring candidates who share your vision, you ensure higher levels of employee engagement, employee productivity and, of course….employee retention.  Retention means less recruiting effort and expense in the future. Voila! Effective employment branding leads to less recruiting!

Employer branding with an interview scheduler can be done

Now, let’s talk about what Interviewer Assistant does to support your employment brand.

Interviewer Assistant does 3 things to maintain your brand for you and your candidates:

  1. Customized hyperlink (web address) - candidates will seamlessly receive invites from an internet address that incorporates your organization’s name. Don’t panic…it’s very easy to set up.
  2. Customized invite page - your candidates will see your organization’s color scheme and logo when they receive their interview invitation.
  3. Minimal reference to Interviewer Assistant - this is a tool for you to communicate your employer brand…not for us to communicate our brand. However, we do provide enough explanation of Interviewer Assistant that candidates will understand what they are receiving when they get your invite.

If this sounds too good to be true, have a look at the following example:

Notice the url at the top has incorporated the name of the company and the main page includes the company logo and company colors?

Setting up your account to have this level of customization takes minutes and requires no technical expertise whatsoever. You can create your look and feel and be scheduling interviews within minutes of signing up for your account.

Like everything about Interviewer Assistant, it’s fast, easy and effective. To sign-up for your free trial, please click here: Free Trial