Why Use Interviewer Assistant to Schedule Interviews?

The answer:  Because this interview scheduling tool saves you time and money and your candidates and recruiters will love it.


The typical interview scheduling process has the recruiter calling each candidate, one by one to fill available interview slots.  The result:

  • Leaving phone messages on many candidates’ voice mail during work hours
  • Waiting for call backs (many of which come after hours and result in another round of calls)
  • Waiting on at least one or two candidates who need to confirm availability
how best to schedule interviews?
online interview scheduling is the answer

Here’s how it looks when your recruiting department uses Interviewer Assistant:

  • Recruiter creates a new interview in Interviewer Assistant or enters their availability in the calendar and sends the invite email to all applicants at once (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Candidates self-book interviews or self-select out of the process (much faster than by phone)
  • Print off the formatted interview schedule on the day of the interview

Why does the interview booking happen so fast with Interviewer Assistant?  With a mobile device friendly tool like Interviewer Assistant, your applicants see the invite and cross reference it with their calendar immediately (unlike when you contact them via phone).



Other benefits of Interviewer Assistant are:

  • Days saved booking interviews speeds up recruitment time
  • Hours of recruiter time and effort saved
  • Reduced call backs from candidates (they will receive all of the required info. in their email)

The time and money Interviewer Assistant will save your recruiters is significant, but don’t underestimate the improvements to the candidate experience a good interview scheduling tool can achieve.  Your future employees will appreciate being able to use their mobile device to schedule their big day!

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scheduling interviews online equals success